Lancaster Fire Department

Issue 22 and Volume 64.

Lancaster Fire Department Chief Charles A. Landerfelt, of Lancaster, Ohio, a city of about 16,000 population, is commander of a department of seven paid men and one station and two pieces of motor apparatus. Both are of Seagrave make. One is a 750-gallon triple combination centrifugal pumping engine. Though rated at 750, Chief Landerfelt has thrown 1,100 gallons per minute with it. The other piece of apparatus is a combination chemical and hose car. For some years past the fire losses in Lancaster have been kept down to a very small amount. Last year the losses on property at risk valued at $39,447.75 was $1,733, while that on contents valued at $12,310 was but $627. Chief Landerfelt says that the small losses have been in part due to the good service given by the water department, of which Daniel Hoffman is superintendent. There is an abundance of water and pressure…

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