Issue 22 and Volume 64.

BEAUTIFYING THE WATER WORKS GROUNDS. As a general rule the surroundings of the water works of a city lend themselves very readily to the art of the landscape gardener. The buildings themselves, with very little added expense, can be designed upon pleasing architectural lines, as they seldom exceed two stories in height. Even the standpipes, from an unsightly boiler placed on end, can be transformed into a thing of beauty by the addition of a certain amount of cement, brick or stone, fashioned into an ornamental superstructure. There is undoubtedly a certain psychologic:., value in the rendering of this utility attractive to the public eye, in that the civic pride of the individual citizen in the water works of his city will unconsciously predispose him in its favor in other respects. The same thing applies in even greater degree to the grounds that surround the water works. Often these are…

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