A Municipal Water System Proposed for Sacramento

Issue 25 and Volume 64.

A Municipal Water System Proposed for Sacramento Los Angeles has to date expended more than $25,000,000 for its water supply, bringing a river through a new concrete channel 200 miles. Sacremento can have a far better and more abundant supply, with power plants to supply new and old industries and reservoirs for a cost not onefourth, at the outside, of the Los Angeles system, and insuring a revenue which will in itself probably pay for the system in the long run, says a local paper. Sacramento is naturally located to he a great city. Flowing through the city is a good sized river. The enterprise and foresight which have builded Los Angeles into the tenth city in America in thirty years would have made the Sacramento river a deep water channel to the bay and to the ocean and the marts of the world. The initial move toward Greater Sacramento…

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