Issue 25 and Volume 64.

WHAT CAN THE MUNICIPAL ELECTRICIAN DO TO AID IN FIRE PREVENTION? “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” Our thoughts must ever be on the conservation of the fire hazard. The highest duty that patriotism can hope to show is to perform our best little bit right now. The eminent gentlemen who form the membership of the International Association of Municipal Electricians I know to be of high character and most fittingly qualified to fill their important posts. I will endeavor to make a few suggestions which will not add very much to your already many duties nor encroach much upon your already crowded time. Front an intimate knowledge of your work I am well aware that, waking or sleeping, you arc on duty. Night, day, Sundays and holidays are all alike to you in your watchful care and keeping of the jurisdictions in your charge. These…

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