Dover Hydrant Rentals

Issue 25 and Volume 64.

Dover Hydrant Rentals President Peter C. Buck, of the Dover, N. J., Board of Water Commissioners, has asked the mayor and aldermen to pay a yearly rental of $35 for each of the 169 hydrants in the town. By doing this the department would receive a revenue of $5,915, Mr. Buck stated. He also stated that according to law the governing body is compelled to raise $5,597.38, as a sinking fund for the water department. If the request is granted, the water commissioners informed the town officials that they would not only retire the usual ‘number of bonds each year, but would also take care of the sinking fund balance. This would give the department a money credit and the taxpayers would not be required to pay any additional assessments. The governing body took no immediate action on the matter, but it is thought that the request will be granted.

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