Issue 26 and Volume 64.

CONVENTION DATES Dec. 27-Jan. 2.—AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE. Annual convention. Boston and Cambridge, Mass. Secretary’s office, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D. C. Jan. 6, 1919.—FLORIDA ENGINEERING SOCIETY. Annual meeting, Jacksonville, Fla. Jan. 13, 1919.—AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CONSULTING ENGINEERS. Annual meeting, New York City. Deputy secretary, B. Etchelle, 3o Nassau street, New York City. Jan. 15-16, 1919—AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS. Annual convention, New York City. 29 West 39th street, New York City. Feb. 18-21, 1919.—AMERICAN ROAD BUILDERS ASSOCIATION. Sixteenth annual convention and Ninth American Good Roads Congress under the auspices of the A. R. B. A., Hotel McAlpin, New York, N. Y. Secretary, E. L. Powers, 150 Nassau street, New York,

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