Issue 26 and Volume 64.

MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS Hints and Suggestions of Value in Its Care and Maintenance Care in Use of the Clutch The purpose of the clutch is to connet the engine to the transmission and to disconnect it at the will of the operator. This is necessary in changing speeds to prevent grinding or stripping of gears. When the clutch is allowed to engage it should always be done gently to prevent excessive strain on the transmission, jack shafts and chains. As the clutch takes hold it speeds up gradually until it moves at the same speed as the fly wheel. It is evident from this that the clutch slips when first engaged, which causes a certain amount of wear, but this is necessary. To slip the clutch for any other reason, as told in the American-LaFrance Bulletin, causes additional wear and heating, and very often leads to serious trouble. Intentional slipping…

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