Issue 26 and Volume 64.

FIRE DEPARTMENT DOINGS From reports covering the United States and Canada the estimated losses by fire during the week ended December 23, 1918, aggregated $2,733,550, as compared with $2,519,000 for the corresponding week in 1917. An American-LaFrance triple combination chemical and hose pumper has recently been purchased by the town of Trenton, Ont. The fire station of Washington, O., has been remodeled and greatly improved lately, largely by the firemen themselves working in this spare time. The Detroit, Mich., board of fire commissioners has been in Chicago studying the workings of the two-platoon system, which has been in operation there for some time. The St. Louis, Mo., Fire Prevention Bureau’s daily fire report for a recent day showed that out of a total of 38 alarms for the 34 hours, no less than 22 were due to false alarms. The Skeel Hoop Company of Sharon, Pa., has installed a Gantewell…

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