Issue 26 and Volume 64.

WATER SUPPLY FOR SASKATCHEWAN The water supply problem of the province of Saskatchewan, more particularly that section of the province lying to the south of the South Saskatchewan River, and bounded roughly on the west by Thunder Creek and the Canadian Northern line from Moose Jaw to Forward, on the south by the Shaunavon-Weybourn line, and on the east by the Regina-Weyburn line and the Qu’Appelle River and Buffalo Lake, with an area of approximately 5,000 square miles, is a serious one, is still unsolved, and touches vitally the interests of every inhabitant in that district. In this large area of country, which, from an agricultural point of view, possesses land which yields the most productive wheat crops in the world, there are no rivers of any size, and the lakes which dot the country here and there over its area are mostly of an alkaline nature and entirely unsuited…

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