Issue 26 and Volume 64.

ONE RESULT OF THE WAR. The great world war, through which this nation, in company with those of any size in Europe, has just passed, has revolutionized many systems and changed the methods of procedure in innumerable instances. Perhaps no class has felt this change more than those who have been identified with the science of fire prevention. This result is a quite natural sequence of the conditions which have prevailed during the past four years and especially resulting from the problems which have arisen during the year and a half since America’s entrance into the great struggle. Heretofore, the difference between the viewpoint of the new world and the old was extreme. We were distinctly a nation of money-makers; the peoples of Europe, on the other hand, were money savers. We were nationally wasters, they, savers. Evidence of this was made to spend, theirs to save. Evidence of this…

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