Issue 26 and Volume 64.

Asbestos While asbestos has been found in several states of the Union, in Italy, South and Central America, China, Japan, Australia, South Africa, and elsewhere, these deposits of the mineral have proved either of no commercial value or else are so situated as to be inaccessible, as far as the practical working of them is concerned. The world’s supply comes principally from Canada and Russia. At present, owing to conditions in the latter country, about 90 per cent is supplied by the Canadian deposits. This, substance is one of the most marvelous of the mineral products of organic nature. Its name as applied by mineralogists, asbestos, in the Greek form, signifies unquenchable, inextinguishable, inconsumable. It has been described as a “mineralogical vegetable,” and three minerals are classified under its name, as follaws: 1—antophyllite, which is not used commercially; 2—amphibolc or horneblende asbestos. This includes various varieties, among which are actinolitc…

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