Issue 2 and Volume 65.

WASH TROUGHS FOR RAPID SAND FILTERS Results of Investigation to Determine Surface Curves for Flow of Water in Wash Water Troughs—Development of Formula of Assistance to Designers The galvanized iron trough (see Fig. 1) used in the experiments had a cross section approximating a rectangle surmounting a semi-circle of 7-inch radius. The section was the same as that used in the new filter plant at Cleveland, O. It also was recommended in the preliminary design of the filtration plant for Lima, O. The length of the trough used (20 feet) was the same as that recommended for Lima. The troughs in the Cleveland plant, however, are of greater length. Four series of runs were made: first with the bottom of the trough horizontal; second, with the grade of 0.4 per cent.; third, with the grade of 0.8 per cent.; and, fourth, with the grade of 2.0 per cent. In each…

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