Thawing Frozen Water Mains

Issue 2 and Volume 65.

Thawing Frozen Water Mains The report of a committee appointed by the New England Waterworks Association to investigate conditions caused by the severe winter of last year as regards frozen water mains and services was made at the recent meeting of the society, and has been published in the journal of the New England Waterworks Association. In view of the near approach of severe winter weather, some excerpts from the report will prove of interest to our readers. They are as follows: Very few of the active superintendents and managers of today have ever experienced such a condition as prevailed from about the middle of November, 1917, until the middle of March, 1918. Unusually long stretches of extremely cold weather and an absence of snow made ideal conditions for the penetration of frost. The following data, compiled from the records of the United States Weather Bureau in Boston. Mass., clearly…

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