Issue 2 and Volume 65.

MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS Hints and Suggestions of Value in Its Care and Maintenance GASOLINE MOTOR STAND The accompanying illustration shows a novel gasoline motor stand, developed at Knightstown, Indiana. It is held that this motor stand will handle any motor from that in the smallest passenger car to the largest truck and tractor motor. It is instantly adjustable to any width from 0 to 30 inches and in height from 32 1/2 to 39 3/4 inches. The motor is placed in the stand in the natural way the same way that it is placed in the car. The side rails of the stand compare to the frame or sub-frame of the car. After the motor has been clamped in the stand it can be turned to any desired position and locked there by means of a small steel pin. The pin is attached to the stand by a chain and…

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