Issue 2 and Volume 65.

FIRE DEPARTMENT DOINGS From reports covering the United States and Canada the estimated losses by fire during the week ended January 4, 1919, aggregated $4,770,200, as compared with $3,130,000 for the corresponding week in 1918. De Pere, Wis. has finally decided that it cannot afford to buy a motor fire truck this year. The town of Macomb, Ill., has purchased a new fire engine at a cost of $6,875. La Salle, Ill. has received the new fire truck and tested it with complete satisfaction. Henderson, Ky., increased firemen’s salaries to $80 a month on January 1. The new fire alarm system has been installed in the town of Martin’s Ferry, O., and is regarded as equal to any in the country, says a local paper. A reduction of the fire insurance key rate is expected soon by the town of McKinney, Tex., on account of the addition of a fire…

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