Issue 2 and Volume 65.

RECENT IMPORTANT FIRES As Specially Reported to this Journal from all Sections of the Country—xMethods Adopted in Handling Fires, Apparatus in Use and Damages The Arena h ire in Boston Illustrated—Other Fires BOSTON ARENA FIRE An illustration on this page shows the fire in the Boston Arena on St. Botolph street, Boston, Mass., which was described in our issue of January 1. The picture was taken shortly after the collapse of the roof and brick side wall. Four alarms were sounded for the fire, summoning to the scene 10 engine companies, including two motor pumpers and eight steam engines, three aerial and two city service trucks, two water towers, fuel wagons, emergency wrecking truck, protective department autos; Chief P. F. McDonough, Junior Deputy Chief Daniel F. Sennott, three district chiefs, and two acting district chiefs. The loss to the main auditorium was almost complete and the only portions of the…

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