Issue 8 and Volume 65.

FILTRATION Work on the new water tank and filter system at Frankfort, Ill., for railroad use, is practically completed. The city commissioners of Walla Walla, Wash., have decided to secure expert advice on construction of a filtration plant for the water system or installation of a storage reservoir. The water is now muddy when there is a heavy storm in the mountains. That Sacramento, Cal., must have a new water supply is admitted generally by the citizens, but the plan is as yet unsettled. Wells, a mountain system and a filtration system, are all being discussed and it is probable that all three methods will be submitted in the vote to be taken soon. The Portland, Me., water district recently received the following self-explanatory letter from the State Department of Health: Gentlemen: Analysis of the winter sample of water from your public supply which came to hand on the 22nd…

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