Ignition Systems and the Magneto

Issue 8 and Volume 65.

Ignition Systems and the Magneto MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS Hints and Suggestions of Value in Its Care and Maintenance There are in general use at the present time two distinct types of magneto systems, known respectively as high tension and low tension, or, better, high voltage and low voltage, instruments. In the low tension system there is a magneto, which produces a low voltage current, which is stepped-up or increased in electrical pressure by means of a coil. The system then comprises the instrument itself, a coil, wires connecting them and a switch. In the high tension system the principles are exactly the same, but instead of having an outside coil the step-up or high voltage is obtained by means of a coil within the magneto itself. In this system there are simply the instrument and a switch, with wires connecting the two. A magneto is an electric generator or dynamo.…

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