Short Circuited Wires Cause Total Loss

Issue 9 and Volume 65.

Short Circuited Wires Cause Total Loss Short-circuited electric wires caused a recent disastrous fire in Hartford, Conn., in which property occupied by John J. Roche & Co., as an automobile painting and finishing plant, became a total loss. The fire started about 2:34 a. m. in the centre of the building, which was of brick construction, 40 x 125 feet in size and two stories high. Before the department arrived, and immediately after the discovery of the fire, an explosion occurred which blew out the west and south walls and conveyed the fire to all parts of the structure. Chief J. C. Moran was in command, with 33 firemen, and employed one C. and J. tractor steamer, two American-LaFranee triple combination engines, one American-LaFranee ladder truck and one squad wagon, in addition to a Hart wagon pipe. Only one hydrant was available, a six-inch 4-way, with a water pressure of…

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