Issue 9 and Volume 65.

SEWERAGE A preliminary survey is being made for the sewerage system which Elk Point, S. D., intends to construct in the spring, for the purpose of estimating the probable cost of the improvement. Work on the sewer system of Naugatuck, Conn., has progressed considerably on account of the unusually fine winter weather. It is planned to lay over 1,000 feet of sewer main pipe in different sections. Extensive improvements for the village of Washington Park, N. Y., are being considered by the Board of Trustees. A general construction of sewers is one of the most important items and the sewer committee has been instructed to prepare a report to be presented at an early date. The Civic Union of Queens has been formed in the First and Second Ward of the Borough of Queens, N. Y., for promoting the building and extending of trunk sewers in their respective communities, which…

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