A New Discovery in the Surgery of Bums

Issue 9 and Volume 65.

A New Discovery in the Surgery of Bums On another page of this issue is illustrated and described an important new system for the treatment of burns, which has been in very successful use in the army in France, in the case of burns from exposure to liquid fire. It is called Ambrine and is the discovery of a French navy surgeon, Dr. Barthe de Sandfort. Dr. Sandfort, working upon the theory that wounds involving the destruction of the outer tissue should be treated with a dressing that would exclude all air, and which could be removed without disturbing the newly formed cells, began his research with paraffin wax as a base, and as early as 1902 he perfected his formula for treatment of surface wounds and especially burns. He found that by applying his newly-found compound in a hot liquid state, it naturally expelled the air. penetrated the smallest…

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