Report of Fire Commissioner of Nebraska

Issue 11 and Volume 65.

Report of Fire Commissioner of Nebraska The ninth annual report of the Chief Deputy Fire Commissioner of Nebraska, covering the year 1918, summarizes the routine work of the commission and tells of the study of fire prevention in the schools and the good work of firemen throughout the state, and pays a high tribute to fire insurance as a factor in the financial upbuild of a community, He says: “We know absolutely that every fire insurance company pays its honest losses gladlv, and we have deplored the fact that they have so often been called upon to pay dishonest losses, but the remedy must come through their agents. The plague of over-insurance must stop. We have vigorously prosecuted arson cases and we have relentlessly scored agents for the crime of over-insurance and we trust that our policy will be followed until both these evils are eliminated.” Numerous incendiary fires were…

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