Frame Dwelling House Hazards

Issue 11 and Volume 65.

Frame Dwelling House Hazards A very large part of our towns and variously from twenty-five to fifty per cent, of many cities, especially in the outlying and suburban portions, are composed of frame dwelling houses. Naturally these structures, through their inflammable and comparatively flimsy construction, are much more of a hazard from a fire standpoint than the more substantial and better constructed brick, stone and concrete buildings of the business portions of the cities and towns, but even these structures can be rendered comparatively much safer and less liable to fire loss by the exercise of care and common sense in their construction. This is particularly true of certain portions of these dwellings. First and probably the most important-certainly the most important from the standpoint of the safety of the town or city in general—comes the nature of roof construction. The importance and advantage of a non-inflammable roofing is so…

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