Issue 11 and Volume 65.

LOSS INFORMATION SERVICE* The Important Part That the Insurance Companies Play in Furnishing Information to the Fire Marshal as to Incendiaries—Harm That Timidity in Showing Up Fraud Can Do in Prosecution of the Fire Bug OUR experience in Kansas has shown that a very large per cent, of incendiary fires are set by persons who have a bad fire record. One of the difficulties that fire marshals have to contend with is the ease with which persons who have already had a number of suspicious fires are able to secure insurance on their property. The difficulty would not be so great if such parties were able merely to secure adequate coverage, but, unfortunately, they seem, universally, to be able to heavily over-insure. If the confidential loss information service is made full use of by all of the companies it ought materially to reduce the incendiary loss. If it is made…

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