Sawmill Office Saved by Jacksonville Department

Issue 11 and Volume 65.

Sawmill Office Saved by Jacksonville Department From a cause unknown, a fire recently developed in the manufacturing plant of the J. C. Halsema company, just within the northern limits of Jacksonville, Fla., which resulted in the total loss of the sawmill, a two-story open building, its machinery and the lumber inside. The fire was discovered and an alarm telephoned at 4:20 a. m., but had already attained such proportions that when Chief T. W. Haney, in command of 25 men. arrived, the building was falling in. Two American-LaFrance pumpers were employed and 5,000 feet of cotton rubber-lined hose laid, and five hydrant and two engine streams were thrown from 1 1 1/4-inch nozzles. Seven 4-inch hydrants, spaced at 200 feet, were available, with 12-inch street main, supplied by direct pumping. The office build- ing was saved by the good work of the department, also the lumber sheds and stacks. The…

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