Issue 11 and Volume 65.

METERAGE The city council of Niagara Falls, N. Y., has adopted a resolution that all water sendees shall be metered. The Clear Springs Water Company is installing meters in Northampton, Pa., for all services, with the object of stopping water waste. Residents of Paterson, N. J., request the city to create a department of meter inspection, because of the frequent complaints lodged against incorrect readings of water meters. Newark, N. is about to pass an ordinance of the character asked by Paterson people. The board of works of Logansport, Ind., has given all large consumers of water their choice between adopting a metered system or paying a greatly increased flat rate. Meters have been purchased for the Vandalia and the Pennsylvania Railroad companies, who are the largest consumers, and the board hopes that the system will be adopted generally. It may later be extended to all users. Bridgeton, N. J.,…

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