Issue 11 and Volume 65.

AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING A Simple Outline of the Principles and Working of Motor Vehicles (Continued from page 488) In outlining the principles of the internal combustion motor in the preceding chapters, it has been pointed out that the fuel before being admitted to the cylinder must first be vaporized and intimately mixed with air in certain proportions in order to constitute what is known as an explosive mixture. Unless this mixture possesses well-defined proportions of oxygen (since it is only the oxygen in the air that is of value) and hydrocarbon vapor, the motor either will not operate at all or its efficiency will be seriously impaired. In the first instance, the mixture would be termed “too poor,” i. e., the disproportion of air to inflammable vapor would be so great that the resulting mixture would not ignite so that no explosion would take place on what should be the power…

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