Issue 12 and Volume 65.

ELECTRICALLY OPERATED DEEP WELL PUMPS Result of Tests Showing Performance of Crank Type, Motor Operated Pump for a Wide Range of Speeds—Pump of Belt Driven Double Action Type ABOUT a year ago the writers presented a paper before the Illinois Section of the American Water Works Association, setting forth the results of tests of pumping units at the plant of the Champaign-Urbana Water Company, including a study of the operation of a cam-type, motor-driven pump at various speeds above and below normal. In the present paper are given the results of tests showing the performance of a crank-type, motor-operated pump of recent design for a wide range of speeds and for a considerable range of head for each speed. The pump is of the belt-driven double-action deep-well type; having a bore of 6¼ inches, a stroke of 18 inches and a speed of approximately 26 revolutions per minute. For the…

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