Issue 12 and Volume 65.

AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING A Simple Outline of the Principles and Workings of Motor Vehicles (Continued from page 539) THE type of carbureter just described, in which the fuel mixture is maintained approximately constant in value regardless of the volume demanded by the speed of the motor, by admitting additional air through an auxiliary air valve, is the one in general use on American cars today. Various forms of auxiliary air valves are used, all of which operate on the principle of opening an additional port or ports to the atmosphere as the suction increases with the speed, but the diaphragm type illustrated will be met with most frequently. Typical examples of this are the Schebler and the Stromberg o f the older models. Multiple Jet Carbureters As the term indicates, this is a type which operates on the principle of providing an increased supply of gasoline to keep the fuel mixture…

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