Louisville Water Works Improvements

Issue 13 and Volume 65.

Louisville Water Works Improvements The annual report of President Sebastian Zorn of the Louisville, Kv., water board, shows a large amount of work done in the past year, notwithstanding the high cost of labor and material. The report states: During the past year this company contracted for considerable work, notwithstanding the high prices that have prevailed. This had to be done in order to get the property in first-class condition and to protect it against emergencies. During this period we have practically completed the Ohio river pumping station No. 3. We have ordered a 30,000,000-gallon pump which is expected to be in service by not later than July 1. We have contracted for four 400 horsepower boilers, with all modern appliances. Two of these boilers have been installed and are ready for operation; two will be installed and ready for operation in the next ninety days. We are now remodeling…

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