Issue 13 and Volume 65.

WATER STORAGE Many Towns and Cities Planning New Installations and Improvements in Reservoirs, Standpipes, Etc. The Steel Tank an Advantage to Small Water Works WATER storage by means of reservoirs, elevated tanks or standpipes, while intended primarily to insure a supply under pressure and to equalize the demands upon the pumping plant, also has other important advantages. It has been discovered by scientists that some of the most injurious bacteria—especially B. Coli, or typhoid bacillus—cannot live in water beyond a certain period, succumbing after a few weeks of immersion. Thus the impounded water, the longer it remains in storage, will be the better purified. Storage also improves the physical properties cl the water bv allowing the precipitation of sediment and the removal of coloringmatter. Until recent years, water storage meant one of two things— the simple impounding of water in a reservoir or pond of more or less capacity or…

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