Issue 13 and Volume 65.

RECENT IMPORTANT FIRES As Specially Reported to this Journal from all Sections of the Country Eight-InchjWall Imperils Firemen at Bethlehem Frame Buildings Saved, irTSpite of Proximity Hospital Fire at Jefferson City Eight-Inch Wall Puts Firemen in Jeopardy The recent fire in the George Riegel Furniture establishment, at Bethlehem, Pa., is said to have been one of the most difficult to handle, in the history of the department. One obstacle to the firemen’s work was the dense volume of smoke, as shown in one of the illustrations. Another was the fact that the brick walls were only eight inches thick, which placed the men in constant jeopardy. The building, of brick and wood construction, two stories high, and covering an area 45 x 190 feet, was situated in the central part of the city on a fifty-foot street and was 11 years old. The fire started in the cellar from defective…

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