McCarron Pumping Station, St. Paul Water Works

Issue 13 and Volume 65.

McCarron Pumping Station, St. Paul Water Works The illustration showing the interior of the McCarron pumping Station of the St. Paul Water Works is representative of the type of electrically driven installations which have been adopted in recent years by a number of large cities. The motors are the product of the Electric Machinery Company, Minneapolis, Minn., while the centrifugal pumps were supplied by the De Laval Steam Turbine Co. Each of these motors is rated at 300 horsepower. They are of the induction type and operate on alternating current at 2,300 volts, driving the pumps at 1,200 r. p. m., at which speed they are guaranteed to deliver not less than 5.000 gallons per minute against a total dynamic head of 171 feet. Tests made shortly after the installation of the plant showed the remarkable efficiency of over 78 per cent, at heads of 156.5 and 159 feet. The…

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