Naphtha Explosion Causes Fire in Worcester

Issue 13 and Volume 65.

Naphtha Explosion Causes Fire in Worcester One man was killed and four badly injured when a barrel of naphtha exploded in a building attached to the plant of the Baldwin Chain & Manufacturing Company on Chandler street, Worcester, Mass. The naphtha was stored in a two-story wooden building adjoining the main plant of the company, and its explosion completely demolished the building and the flying fluid set fire to four three-tenement houses that adjoined the shops. The firemen, under Chief W. N. Avery, had a hard fight to curb the flames, but the buildings suffered comparatively slight loss. The explosion was caused by fumes from the tank of naphtha which was being emptied into a steelencased tank, blowing against an open furnace door in the boilerhouse which faces the storehouse. The doors of both buildings were open and one of the victims was transferring the naphtha into the big tank…

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