Issue 13 and Volume 65.

CORRESPONDENCE He Turned the Water on Just for Fun To the Editor: In the March 5 issue of The Outlook, a regular contributor who signs himself “The Happy Eremite,” has this utterance: “The Happy Eremite turned on water faucets just for the fun of saying to himself that there were a billion gallons more to draw on, and the pumping of it no responsibility of his.” I do not remember to have ever seen in print before an admission that the writer consciously and deliberately wasted water. 1 don’t know as 1 ought to say that this person did it deliberately, for if he had deliberated upon it he would not have said it. 1 have never met a person who would say in the privacy of personal conversation that he purposely wasted water. We all know that the problem of water waste is a mighty one, which is giving…

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