Meterage Advised for Salem, Mass.

Issue 13 and Volume 65.

Meterage Advised for Salem, Mass. Salem, Mass., possesses an ample water supply if the citizens would conserve instead of wasting it, asserted Henry F. Long, of Topsfield, at a recent hearing in the State House at Boston. Mr. Long, who is secretary to Governor Coolidge, was speaking in opposition to the measure before the house, which would permit Salem and Beverly to take water from the Ipswich river all the year round instead of during the winter and spring months only, declaring that if the measure is passed it means a long step in the direction of taking away from Topsfield many of the rights it has in the river. Once the stream became the source of water supply for Salem and Beverly, he said, it would be a comparatively easy matter for the state department of health, egged on by interested parties in the two cities, to declare that…

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