Weber Subterranean Pump

Issue 13 and Volume 65.

Weber Subterranean Pump The illustration picturing a Weber Subterranean Pump of the internal exhaust type gives an idea of the various essentials of an installation of this kind, besides making it easier to explain the workings of the pump in lifting water by compressed air. The breaks in the various pipes are simply intended to indicate that the various essentials of the plant may be placed at any distance from one another. For example, the air compressor is often located at quite a distance from the well in one direction. One air compressor may also be used to pump several wells located at different distances from it. The breaks in the pump itself are to indicate that it may be sunk to variable depths and it would be impracticable to show it in the actual proportion of its depth. From this sectional view of the pump it will be noted…

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