Says War Trucks Will Not Drug Market

Issue 13 and Volume 65.

Says War Trucks Will Not Drug Market “Trucks used for the transportation of men and materials during the war will not find their way back into the market,” says a former member of the 102d Engineers, recently returned from France, and now with the International Motor Company. “There are two reasons why this is so,” he explained. “One is that the transportation problem is equally as difficult now as it was when the war was reaching its climax. The other is that the trucks have been subjected to such hard usage that when discarded from military service they are junk. When units are broken up and returned for muster out. motor transports are turned over to a base motor depot. Those that can be repaired are overhauled and kept in service: but many trucks are scrapped on the ground without even being taken to a salvage dump. These worn-out trucks…

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