Increase in Operating Costs of Water Company

Issue 13 and Volume 65.

Increase in Operating Costs of Water Company The Hackensack Water Company has issued a public statement as to the causes for its seeking a temporary 20 per cent, increase in rates, to take effect on April 1. Application has been made before the Public Utility Commission, of New Jersey, for such an increase. “In 1917,” the company states, “after hearings begun in 1914, before the war, and extending over three years, the Board of Public Utility Commissioners approved a new rate schedule which went into effect January 1, 1918, and at the same time approved a program of construction for the improvement and maintenance of the service. This schedule was based on pre-war costs of materials and labor and rates of taxation. Had these conditions remained the same the new schedule might have produced enough revenue to take care of operating expenses, depreciation and a return on capital. But the…

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