A Galesburg, Ill., Installation

Issue 13 and Volume 65.

A Galesburg, Ill., Installation The well is 1,255 feet deep, 40 feet consisting of 24-inch heavy steel casing, 106 feet of 20-inch, 130 feet of 16-inch, and 350 feet of 12-inch, the latter being sealed in the rock. The hole was then drilled 12 inches in diameter to a depth of 1,085 feet, and the remainder of the distance reduced to 10 inches through what is termed a St. Peter’s sandstone formation. Two charges of 200 pounds each of 100 per cent, gelatin were then emploved in “shooting” the well and it was subsequently cleaned out. The air lift equipment consists of a Sullivan angle compound compressor made by the Sullivan Machinery Company, Chicago, Ill., having 16 by 9¾ by 12 inch cylinders and driven through a short belt by a 100 horsepower General Electric motor, a 42-inch by 8-foot vertical air receiver, one Sullivan standard 5-inch foot piece (outside…

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