Issue 14 and Volume 65.

THE COLUMBIA OUTFALL SEWER The South Carolina City Constructs its Own Installation Built Partly on Concrete Trestles and Partly Through Solid Rock—Work Done Cheaper Than if Performed Under Contract THE City of Columbia, South Carolina, is situated on a plateau sloping in all directions and bounded on the west by a large river, from which the water supply is taken at a point about opposite the center of the city. In order to dispose of the sanitary sewage from the northeast, north and northwest sections of the city, it was decided to construct a pipe sewer outfall, 6 3/4 miles in length. The route of this sewer is along a valley formed by a creek north of the city, and thence along the east bank of the Columbia Canal, which is parallel to the river, to a point below the water works, where it discharges into the river. Several surveys…

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