Hot Ashes Cause Destruction of Frame Block

Issue 14 and Volume 65.

Hot Ashes Cause Destruction of Frame Block A fire caused by hot ashes, starting in the back part of a store, resulted in the destruction of a hotel and several other buildings in the main business section of Marshfield, Ore. The structures were of wood, two to four stories in height and about 25 years old and without private fire protection. The fire was discovered at 2:10 a. m., and an alarm sent in but it had such a hold when first seen that the flames were breaking through the roof and all of the building where it originated was involved, when the department arrived, under command of Chief J. W. Davis. Thirty men were engaged, using a motor truck and two steamers. Three 4-inch double hydrants were available, served by an 18-inch street main and were 260 feet apart. The gravity water system supplied a 75-pound pressure. Six engine…

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