Pacific Coast Notes

Issue 14 and Volume 65.

Pacific Coast Notes Formal invitations from Chief B. T. Dowell and Commissioner C. A. Bigelow, have been received by the Secretary of the Pacific Coast Association of Fire Chiefs, urging that organization to hold its twenty-sixth annual convention in Portland, Ore., this year. These communications have been referred to the executive committee, and meet with much favor although no definite action has yet been taken. The first convention of the association was held in Portland in 1892, and another very successful meeting in that city was during the Lewis & Clark Exposition of 1905. Chief W. A. Taro, of Everett, Wash., arrived home on the 21st inst., after a stay of over two months in San Diego. His health, which was in a precarious condition after the influenza, is now practically restored. Another unrecognizable body was found in the partly burned Russell House, on Weller Street, Seattle, March 20. This…

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