Issue 14 and Volume 65.

POLLUTION OF BOUNDARY WATERS The Report of the International Joint Commission Formed to Investigate This Matter— Elaborate Reports Issued, Prepared by Experts—The United States Suggested and the Canadian Government Concurred in Asking for Recommendations UNDER the terms of Article IX of the Treaty of January 11th, 1909, the governments of the United States and Canada referred to the International Joint Commission, for investigation and report, the following questions:— 1.—To what extent and by what causes and in what localities have the boundary waters between the United States and Canada been polluted so as to be injurious to the public health and unfit for domestic or other uses? 2.— In what way or manner, whether by construction and operation of suitable drainage canals or plants at convenient points or otherwise, is it possible and advisable to remedy or prevent the pollution of these waters, and by what means or arrangement can…

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