Issue 14 and Volume 65.

SEWERAGE An art commission has been appointed to inspect designs for the sewage disposal plant to be erected for Milwaukee, Wis., on Jones Island. The commission’s duty is to ensure that the plant harmonizes with its surroundings. Plans for the sewer extension in Lima, Ohio, are all ready and call for an expenditure of $1,500,000. Work will soon be started on one section which will cost approximately $540,000. When the city of Geneva, Neb., recently voted on a bond issue of $35,000 for bonds for a sewer system, over one-half of the votes cast were by women, who were among the first in the state to exercise their newly acquired right of suffrage. The bond issue was carried by a majority of 304. The town celebrated the decision at night by bells, bonfires and siren whistles. The question of what will be done with Webster’s sewage, which has been forcing…

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