Issue 14 and Volume 65.

METERAGE The town of Chicopee, Mass., has bought detector meters for some local manufacturing plants as the department has been losing money on the sale of water. The city of Youngstown, Ohio, is getting on a metered basis for water service as rapidly as practicable, having recently decided to purchase 2,000 additional meters. The city of New Castle, Pa., has appealed to the state Public Service Commission against the new charges of the New Castle Water Company. City Solicitor James A. Gardner appeared in behalf of the city. He claims that the water company, besides raising its price 25 per cent, to the city, wants to put meters on all public fountains and hydrants and make the city pay an additional meter rate for this service. This new schedule of charges include the water the city uses for cleaning the streets in the flusher and sprinklers. Metered water users consumed…

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