Issue 14 and Volume 65.

CORRESPONDENCE Mr. Cobeck Prods a Hornet’s Nest. Let Us Hear from Other Volunteers To the Editor: In your issue of March 19, on page 603 appears a letter signed by Chas. Cobeck of Engine Co. No. 1., of East St. Louis, Ill. The writer of this letter appears to have a very poor opinion of the volunteer fireman; his contention, that the volunteer is not as good as the paid man, is, in a great many cases, correct, while, at the same time there are numerous volunteer departments whose proportionate loss per year is smaller than that of the paid departments. The paid man fights fire for his livelihood while the volunteer does so because he loves the game and to help his fellow man. In my department, which is strictly volunteer from the chief down, with the exception of a paid driver in each of the three companies, I…

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