Issue 14 and Volume 65.

WATER RATES The Milford Water Company which supplies water to Milford and Hopedale, Mass., has petitioned the commission for authority to make a large increase in the water rates. Though the first public utility franchise granted in Montana expired in 1885, the water plant of Virginia City has been operated under its provisions ever since the territorial legislature granted it to A. M. Hotter and associates January 27, 1865. until recently, when the state utility commission handed down an opinion fixing new rates and regulations. The city contended it should not be made to pay for fire hydrants, maintained at the corners of lot 41. for use in fire and other emergencies, but the commission holds that the water company’s improved equipment has resulted in a reduction in the fire insurance rates, and holds the city must pay a rental of $10 a year. The original franchise gave the use…

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