Difficult Fire in Chicago Beef Warehouse

Issue 14 and Volume 65.

Difficult Fire in Chicago Beef Warehouse One of the most difficult fires to cope with that the Chicago firemen have encountered in a long time, was that in a beef warehouse of the Morris Co. at the stockyards, recently. The warehouse was of brick, seven stories in height, 500 x 200 in one part and 500 x 100 in another. Battalion Chief John J. Costello said that the dense smoke caused a considerable number of the men to be overcome by smoke and the lungmotor had to be used on six of them. No means of ventilation existed, three walls being blank. There were no fire walls and railroad tracks with cars extended on two sides, thus creating a condition of difficulty of access to the seat of the fire not often paralleled, fortunately. In the very beginning a delay occurred by the alarm wire burning so that when the…

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