Pittsburgh Training School

Issue 14 and Volume 65.

Pittsburgh Training School Instructors Through an ordinance passed by the Pittsburgh, Pa., council early in 1915, the training school for firemen came into existence. The training tower was erected and formally opened for classes on November 8, 1915. Tower The tower is a sixstory building, 67 feet high, of steel and frame construction, equipped with standpipes, hose connections, and automatic sprinklers. The means of access to the different floors is by stairs running from first floor to the roof. The west or working side of the tower is weatherboarded. this part of the tower is used for drilling men on scaling ladders and in rope work, the protection provided for the men doing this work, is a net, permanently anchored in the yard under this part of the tower, size 12 x 20 feet. The first floor is enclosed and used for displaying equipment; also for a lecture room. Drill…

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